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Monday, November 10, 2008

Down with the filthy rich misanthropes

It used to be that people who had lots of money obtained by not working very much (eg, pop stars, trustafarians) would espouse communism as a way of perpetuating adolescent rebellion but these days the education system is so poor that their audiences don't really understand what capitalism, communism or anything else really means -- besides, the whole left/right thing is so 20th century -- thus they've moved on to another pseudo-religion.

‘Saving the planet’ has become a mission statement both for the pointlessly rich and the political class.

[From Down with the filthy rich misanthropes | spiked]

I read in one of the papers last week, but can't remember which one, that children are being taught (1984-style) to nag their parents about green issues. This makes me very suspicious of the whole green movement, because it's so sinister. Am I wrong to begin to reject some fundamental tenets of the green manifest now that it's starting to look like a religion?

In the future, everyone will be famous to fifteen people.
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Laura James said...

Well, you don't want to trust everything Spiked says, given they seem to exist to force debate into every issue, whether there's a place for it or not :)

Getting kids to push green issues is something I've heard quite a lot about recently too. I guess it worked to stop a lot of adults smoking; and maybe kids bugging their parents will get them to take action on climate change too. It's a pity that at this stage it's going to take more than individual action to sort out global warming.

Shameless plug: Serious Change is a campaign which focuses on the big issues, lobbying for government/big business change, which is what it will take to get meaningful action. We think that the UK can gain from innovation (in engineering and policy) which will both help tackle climate change, and boost the economy. Hopefully, plenty of others (including the mainstream who do not feel engaged by other green issues campaigns) will join in, and we'll be able to do something about it! (Website is currently a rough sign up sheet, also see our beliefs here for more useful info)

GreatSheElephant said...

We're only 5 minutes away from the Stasi on a whole variety of levels.