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Sunday, June 03, 2007

I got my Cards

I'd taken over Woking FC (Come on you Cards). I adopted a long-term strategy, cutting back on some of the deadwood in the first team squad and investing in coaches and scouts to find and work with young players, except that the board wouldn't let me hire another scout even though I had the wage budget. The idea was to avoid relegation from the Conference this year and then push for the league next year. I managed to avoid the drop by a couple of points and had a decent cup run so I had a bit of money to spend. But two days after the last match of the season, I was fired.

Yes, I've been playing Championship Manager again because the 2007 version has come out. I love this game. I've been pretty busy recently so it's nice to switch off for a couple of hours here and a couple of hours there to play.

Things are about to get even better, though. Something is brewing in the UK, something that the Internet was invented for... an idea so utterly brilliant that I did actually gasp out loud when I read about it in The Telegraph... some guy has set up a web site to get 50,000 football fans to register and pledge 35 quid (and yes, I've already done it). When there are 50,000 people signed up, they're going to spend a million quid on BUYING A REAL FOOTBALL TEAM. All the fans will have a share in it. How fantastic is that! I'm hoping against hope that they'll buy Woking, but whoever they buy it's going to be so much fun. The idea is to run the team through the web site -- transfers, tactics voted on by the fans -- with a head coach appointed to execute the fans' instructions. It's going to be like Championship Manager but for real! I absolutely can't wait. Whichever club gets bought is going to see gates go from 1,000 to 20,000 and have cash to buy new players and there will be fans going to all of their away games all over the country as well.

Like all of the very, very best ideas I am literally green with envy at not having thought of it myself.

The voices may not be real, but they do have some good ideas.
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