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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What is worse for society? Porn or MTV?

I do like expanding my vocabulary. As a child I used to read the Reader's Digest "It pays to increase your word power" column when I visited my grandparents and found it interesting. I was that sort of child. Anyway, I learned a new word recently: twerking. It refers to a kind of dirty dancing. Here is the word used in context.

She emerged from a giant teddy bear, her tongue lasciviously protruding from her mouth and proceeded to ‘twerk it down’ on to the stage. After this incredibly subtle intro, she pulled off her already scanty outfit to reveal a flesh-coloured bikini and did so to a soundtrack repeating the lines: ‘It’s our body, we can do what we want.’ She then joined in a duet with Robin Thicke while simulating self-pleasuring actions with a giant foam hand

[From Miley Cyrus: struggling to be an adult | Chrissie Daz | spiked]

I didn't see this, but I imagine it was even more disturbing to see than to read about. Interestingly, in the same week, North Korean father of his people and champion of national socialism, Kim Jong-Un, demonstrated a robust approach to pop singers who make pornographic videos by machine-gunning them.

"Excellent Horse-Like Lady" singer Hyon Song-wol among those publicly shot over pornography charges

[From North Korea Reportedly Executes 12 Performers, Including Kim Jong-Un's Ex | SPIN | Newswire]

Machine-gunning the pop stars and sending their families to prison camps may seen like a tough line, but you've got to take a stand somewhere to protect the children. If CallMeDave was really interested in strengthening our society, protecting the weak and creating a moral dyke that can stand fast against the rising tide of deparativity, rather than obtaining cheap votes from idiots who don't really understand how anything works, then he would be launching a campaign to ban MTV, not internet porn. Pornography doesn't pretend to depict reality, whereas the unfortunate children who are fed from the teat of the music industry's robber barons are led to believe that MTV depicts society as it should be. MTV, as Beck famously sang, makes me want to smoke crack. Debbie Does Dallas made me want to get an American girlfriend.

In the future, everyone will be famous to fifteen people.

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