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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Here's some news of interest to 0.0001% of the population: government ministers and pop stars, basically. BA's new planes won't have a first class cabin.

British Airways is eliminating the First Class cabin on its new plane. I'm not surprised. First Class costs thousands out pounds more than business class, and the only substantial difference between the two services is that First comes with a free pair of cheap pyjamas and a lobster salad. [From BA getting rid of first class in new planes]

Based on my only ever expedition in BA First Class, I would say that the pyjamas and lobster ravioli (not salad) were very good indeed. The seat was bigger and the duvet much more comfortable than a blanket. But the seats didn't have power sockets and they weren't as comfortable for working in as the business class seats, which I think are more ergonomically designed. And I thought the toilets would be much nicer, but they weren't. Surely, however, the big story is that the economy has been so devastated by a decade of New Labour that there are no people who want to travel in first class any more. The bankers can't afford it, and it's not grand enough for our elected representatives.

The government is seeking to rent a private jet for the use of Foreign Secretary David Miliband. [From BBC NEWS | Politics | Miliband seeks private plane hire]

I'm flying on BA tomorrow, so I'll see if I can find a suggestion box. I've got a few ideas about what to do with the space vacated by first. I was thinking what about a little TV lounge, as it can be enjoyable watching a funny movie with other people, or perhaps a games room so that you can play Call of Duty against other passengers.

In the future, everyone will be famous to fifteen people.
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GreatSheElephant said...

A separate cabin for people with babies and small children.

Cayce Pollard said...

That's actually not a bad idea at all. You'd be able to charge slightly more for business class seats if you were guaranteed no-one under, say, 18 would be in there. And perhaps no-one over 70 either, because they slow down boarding.