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Friday, March 23, 2007

Royal visit

I was wondering what was going on as I pottered down to Woking station this morning. There was a police helicopter overhead and I saw a bunch of policemen wandering around and a policeman with a sniffer dog on the other platform. At first I just assumed that someone hadn't paid their fare and South West Trains were going to make an example of them. But then I thought that because of the sniffer dog some exciting anti-terrorist action was in progress, or that a drug lord had been cornered on Platform 1, trapped by the late running of the 09.58 to Waterloo. Turns out that Prince Charles was visiting and he came by train from Waterloo. How exciting. It turns out that some people had turned up to watch Al Gore's movie and the Prince was giving a talk about it. Anyway, I hope that he found time in his busy schedule to ask what on Earth is going on with the stupid canopy that the council is still building outside the station. Because of this, buses can't stop outside the station. Normally, I'll wait near home and take the bus, because the bus stops right outside the station. Since it can't, it takes as long to walk from the bus stop to the station as it does from the car park. The inconvenient truth is that because of this, I've been driving instead of taking the bus.

Apologies for posting this a month late, but I didn't realise that I hadn't posted it at the time.

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